About michael aaron mcallister

“If you could invite anyone famous to dinner who would it be?” 

This question has been at the crux of my Life’s Work in embroidery. Once my work is done and I've hung up my hoop and the last portrait complete, all portraits combined will represent a panoply of personalities imagining the greatest Dinner Party of all time.

Players, Kings, Actresses, First Ladies, Pultizer Prize winners, Authors, Artists, Despots, Angels, Geniuses, Fashion Designers, the Infamous and the Flash-in-the-Pan.

We love watching them. We love to see them rise. We love to see them fall.

They are here in tens of thousands of hand stitches taking tens of thousands of hours.

In 2017 I will have completed my 300th portrait since 1999.

The Assassination of James. A. Garfield

8.5 Inches x 9.75 inches/Quilt/2015

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